COVID-19 Update • Mise à jour COVID-19

updated: January 25, 2021 @ 2:45pm (Mountain Time)

***Current Out of Stock Products • Produits en Rupture d’Inventaire***

A211 • A230 • A271 • A281 • A291 • A510 • A541 • A550 • A551 • A563 • A1000

H667 • K213 • K230 • K611


M230 • M298 • M1040 • P1001 • P1002

P213L • P504M • P631L • P631M • P632L • P637M • P640M • P660L

T230 • T270 • T280 • T281 • T653 • T661 • T666 • T668 • T712 • T713

***Purolator Service Delays***

We have made operational adjustments to keep our people safe and effectively serve our customers as we continue to face high-shipment demand – including delivering residential shipments throughout weekends. As such, all Purolator shipments may experience a delay of one to three days (inclusive of weekends) and shipments that require our Special Handling service will experience delays of four to seven days (inclusive of weekends).

Shipments destined to businesses closed as a result of government COVID-19 lockdowns and prevention measures will be returned to shippers or held for pickup, depending on location. All shipments will be scanned as “Receiver unavailable - Temporary closure for pandemic” when customers track shipments online. Please check the status of your shipment online. Please check the shipping centre locator for local hours and service details, which are subject to change with local conditions.

Below is an update on shipment volumes and service impacts by province. Any delays noted below are over and above those created by our operational adjustments:


  • Newfoundland: A winter storm is having significant service impacts across Newfoundland. Terminals are experiencing delays of at least one day.
  • New Brunswick: Shipments to Bathurst may experience a one-day delay.
  • Nova Scotia: Service is current.
  • Prince Edward Island: Service is current.
  • Quebec: Shipments to Joliette, Laval, Rimouski and St. Jerome may experience a one-day delay.


  • Ontario: Shipments to Northern and Southwestern Ontario are reporting high volumes and may experience a one-day delay.


  • Manitoba and Northern Ontario: Extreme weather conditions in Winnipeg may cause shipments to experience a one-day delay. Shipments to Thunder Bay may experience a one-day delay.
  • Saskatchewan: Service is current. 
  • Alberta: Shipments to Calgary and Edmonton may experience a one-day delay.
  • British Columbia: Service is current.